06FF9DD4 AEDE 45D4 B37D C833B3C99B8F - Moth
06FF9DD4 AEDE 45D4 B37D C833B3C99B8F - Moth

Here at The Lace Knittery it is usually fibre central. I spin, dye and weave as well as never having less than four projects on the needles and two on the hook. And that is just at home, the design …

New toy!

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When I first started to spin nearly twenty years ago I had a wheel I had no idea how to use and a bundle of sheep wool I had picked off the fences of the local Somerset farms. Not a …


113 2016 03 29 14 01 25 UTC - Why…what…how?!

Two of the questions I am most frequently asked are ‘When did you first start knitting?’ and ‘What made you start The Lace Knittery?’

The first is the most easy to answer…I have no idea! I cannot remember being taught …