In a previous life I am sure I was a cloth moth... is the only thing that can explain my love of all things fibre and yarn related.
I have knitted since a teenager, my first lace knitting project was a Shetland wedding ring shawl aged 14, it took four years, now they take me four weeks :)

I love natural yarns of all shapes and sizes from kid mohair to silk and cashmere. Most of my items have a high silk content, it is my favourite material. It dyes like a dream, adds lustre and strength to any project and is adaptable to both summer and winter use, I love it.

I work with fibre from a variety of sources from friends and friends of friends to fibre fairs and a couple of yarn processors based in the UK. I always try to ensure the highest quality but at the same time making sure that I only use ethically produced fibre. Where sourced from overseas I use a yarn processor that can trace provenance and I never use abattoir by product fibre.

I dye my own colours using natural dyes and earth friendly acid dye techniques. Each skein usually enjoys a little time drying in the Somerset sunshine (where it is checked out by the honey bees).

I find my inspiration in the natural world around me and this gives me ideas for colour and design. I write my own patterns with a mix of completely new design and some traditional old stitch patterning. I like make my kits as easy as possible so that everyone can become as fibre obsessed as I am and I love to answer any questions or help if stuck.

All of the colours and designs listed here are limited editions, although please feel free to request a custom items, different colour for a design, or different size.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or questions.

very best wishes!

Debbie x

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