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  • Greylake Guardian Wrap PDF knitting pattern download


    The Lace Knittery HQ is in South Somerset and I am often crossing the Somerset levels, travelling towards Greylake I am often the only car on the road and I am joined by a barn owl ghosting along the road next to me. There is nothing for it but to slow down and enjoy the flight of this wonderful bird.

    The wrap has an all over feather pattern. It is knitted straight on 4mm needles and requires 800m of lace weight yarn. The yarn in the pattern is extra fine merino, silk and sparkle yarn hand dyed by The Lace Knittery.

  • Hand painted extra fine merino, silk and sparkle


    A beautiful lace weight yarn. It is 75% extra fine merino (non mulesed, from small farmers in Peru), 20% silk, 5% silver stellina.

    Each skein is 100g/800m (enough to knit an entire shawl).

  • Happit by Kate Davies Designs


    A book dedicated to a favourite of The Lace Knittery, this little book not only explores five designs for Haps (shawls). It includes colour work, lace knitting (yay!) and Shetland designs along with history of a remarkable incident and woman.

  • Jamieson and Smith Supreme 1 ply Cobweb Yarn


    Jamieson and Smith Supreme 1 ply cobweb yarn is 100% Shetland yarn produced on Shetland. It is traditionally used for shawls, and yes, The Lace Knittery has used for a wedding ring shawl (it takes a couple of rows to get used to then it seems natural to be knitting with something this fine). It is is the natural fleece colours.

    Each ball is 25g 400m

  • The Book of Haps by Kate Davies Designs


    An introduction to the wonderful (believe me it is) world of haps, the Scottish word for shawls or wraps. It explores the history and has thirteen different designs with colour work, lace and cable techniques all favourites at The Lace Knittery.

  • The Lace Knittery Baby Apples Wrap PDF Knitting Pattern


    The Lace Knittery is based in rural Somerset and it is cider country. We even toast the trees at wassail. The Lace Knittery Baby Apples Wrap was inspired by the apple orchards around the studio in spring. The wrap has an all over leaf pattern with a ruffled edge. This is optional. The colour of the yarn in the photo is hand painted by The Lace Knittery and is the colour of baby apples when they are first set on the trees.

    It requires 800m of lace weight yarn. The yarn in the photo is hand painted kid mohair and silk and is available from The Lace Knittery.

  • The Lace Knittery Frosted Leaf Shawl PDF Knitting Pattern


    The Inspiration for The Lace Knittery Frosted Leaf Shawl came from a New Year’s Day walk. It was frosty and then we reached the lovely West Bay. The sea was crashing on shore but it was bright sparkling sunshine.

    It is a triangular shawl with a picot edge. It is knitted from the lower edge. This allows the knitter to decide the finished size from scarf to enormous wrap. It requires 800m of lace weight yarn but can also be knitted in DK weight yarn using the same needle size and instructions.

    The yarn in the photo is a merino, silk and sparkle lace weight, hand painted in Stormy Sea colour way and available from The Lace knittery.

  • The Lace Knittery Halcyon Wrap PDF knitting pattern download


    This The Lace Knittery wrap was inspired by our local river here in Somerset. One day in June the air was so still and clear and walking along by the river you could see fish, frogs and fry all along the river. The air was full of dragonflies, damselflies and the haunt of kingfishers.

    The wrap is rectangular and is an allover lace pattern. It requires 800m of lace weight yarn. Sample photo is a kid mohair and silk hand painted yarn by The Lace Knittery.

  • The Lace Knittery hand painted kid mohair and silk yarn


    The original yarn that The Lace Knittery started the company with. It is 70% kid mohair and 30% silk, lace weight and 420m per skein. It knits to the same gauge as Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

    Each colour is hand painted at The Lace Knittery using an acid dye technique in small batches. The colours are all moments in time and I can take you to each and every spot that inspired the colour way.


  • The Lace Knittery Hand Painted Lace Weight Baby Alpaca Yarn


    At The Lace Knittery we hand paint and naturally dye our own range of yarns and fibre. All are natural fibres and traceable to source, ethically produced and in our dyeing processes do not use harsh chemicals.
    The hand painted range is dyed by me at The Lace Knittery HQ in Somerset. Each skein has the colour applied by hand and pushed in inch by inch. This means an even colour, no gaps and a soft drift of colours across the skein.

    They are washed several times to remove any excess dye.

    They are all inspired by the world around me and the myth, magic and beauty of these British Isles.

    Each skein is 100g 800m (enough to knit an entire wrap)

    70% baby alpaca, 20% silk 10% cashmere.

  • The Lace Knittery lace weight Blue Faced Leicester and silk yarn


    I love this yarn it is one of my favourites to both dye and use. It is lace weight and is a mix of a British wool breed and silk. It has incredible lustre and drape. Blue Faced Leicester breed has a property like linen in that it gets softer with use and age. A single skein is enough for an entire wrap.

    Each skein is 100g/800m. 55% blue faced Leicester wool, 45% silk. Lace weight.

  • The Lace Knittery Lavender Fields Wrap PDF Knitting Pattern


    I find inspiration everywhere and The Lace Knittery Lavender Fields Wrap was inspired by a holiday to the south of France. We had two small children in the back of the car and pulled off the autoroute and then stopped dead for two hours in a traffic jam. Within ten minutes we had exhausted I spy, and had been asked ‘are we there yet’ along with ‘I need a wee’, ‘she hit me’, ‘no she hit me’, ‘I’m hungry” and ‘are we there yet’…they only survived because I was looking over long lines of purple lavender with mountains beyond!

    It is a lovely pattern that is eight rows. It has been worked in any weight yarn from lace to aran. The pattern is written for lace weight and if using up to DK weight yarn follow exactly. Above this weight just go up on the needle size. It requires 800m of yarn.

  • The Lace Knittery Peacock Feathers Wrap PDF download

    peacock wrap

    One of the first patterns I designed and still one of my favourites. It was inspired by my daughters and the hours they spent at Warwick Castle trailing the peacocks hoping that one would drop a feather. We eventually found three…my daughters have left home but I still have the feathers in my studio.

    The wrap is rectangular and has a border pattern with the main body in a peacock feather motif. It is knitted in lace weight yarn and requires 800m.

    The pattern has both written and charted instructions. You can use either.

    The yarn in the photo is a hand painted kid mohair and silk by The Lace Knittery

  • The Lace Knittery School Houses Wrap PDF pattern download


    At The Lace Knittery we love wraps, they are versatile, light, portable and useful. Knitting them is fun as there is no gauge and as with all The Lace Knittery wrap and scarf patterns we design them to be interchangeable on yarns used.

    This wrap was inspired by one of my favourite times of year… September, back to school, new exercise books, falling leaves and crisp mornings and patchwork quilts. It has a school house motif in the centre with a trellis border at either side.

    It requires 800m of lace weight yarn and 4mm needles. It can be knitted in different weight yarns and up to DK weight use the same size needles.