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  • Dandelion design drop spindle


    Individually hand painted at The Lace Knittery HQ in one of my favourite dandelion clock designs. They have a soft chalk paint base and then the floating dandelion design is painted (with teeny tiny brushes) across all surfaces of the whorl. This enables you to swap between using it as a top or bottom whorl spindle. Finally each painted whorl is given multiple coats of varnish to make them hard wearing. There are two different weights available 30g, which is a good all rounder and 60g, which is good for finer weight spinning. Each is unique.
    An instruction on spinning and starter fibre is included to get you going.

  • Recycled Sari Silk 100g Ropes.


    At The Lace Knittery we love this stuff. It is the loom waste from saris produced in India and rather than going to landfill we use them. It gives extra income to the local workforce as well as saving something beautiful and useful from waste.

    At The Lace Knittery HQ we have used it on it’s own to spin with, which it does like a dream on both drop spindles and spinning wheels. It blends beautifully with any other fibre and a little goes a long way, you only need about 10% to get the colour and effect. Our customers continually amaze us and love it as much as we do. They have used it to not only spin with but to (from the top!) wet felt, needle felt, knit with, crochet with, weave on a tablet loom, weave into knitting on a machine, make into bowls, couched in hand embroidery, used in machine embroidery and use in mixed media.

    Each rope unplaits into a 100g ball. Mostly of silk but some cotton or other fibres may be in the mix.