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  • Knit Pro Zing 35cm straight needles


    For anybody who likes aluminium needles, they don’t have to be boring. Zing are a colourful needle from those experts at Knit Pro. Each needle has not only the size clearly printed on the body of the needle but each size has it’s own unique colour.

    The tips and ends are Silver and seamless with the body of the needle. They are a joy to use.

    Each pair is 35cm in length.

  • Knit Pro Zing Interchangeable Needle Tips


    Knit Pro Zing needles are brightly coloured aluminium needle range. They have silver tips and are seamless and incredibly light and smooth to use. These are the interchangeable range. They fit Knit Pro cables and make straight or circular needles. They are colour coded to different sizes, making them easy to find or pick out of your needles…or at least that’s what we find at The Lace Knittery!